How to Plan For & Decorate Your College Room!!

Getting ready to move in to your new college room? How exciting! Here are some tips are how to spend money to decorate your room and how to put your own touch on your new space! This blog post is specifically helpful for students attending Southern Wesleyan University.


So Your Boyfriend Works at a Summer Camp… What Now???

What is it like to date someone during the summer and hardly see or talk to them? As a veteran camp staffer girlfriend 4 years running, I can give you a lot of tips from my experience and how to support your guy at the same time!

My Experience: Commuting in College

If you clicked the link for this blog, you are probably a commuter in college or a future college student who is trying to decide whether they would like to live on campus or commute everyday. Let me tell that this blog is not going to focus on the statistics of why you should or should not commute, but is just me giving you a taste of what I have experienced as a college commuter.

Absolutely one of my favorite old songs! So much truth and inspiration!

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