What To Do When Applying for College: DON’T APPLY*

* Don’t apply to every school!

Funny title- I know- just hear me out.

Nowadays, when Juniors and Seniors in high school are being helped to prepare for their next academic journey (college) they are told by guidance counselors, teachers, family, and older friends: APPLY!!!!! This advice is great- and super important if you hope to attend a university, but its missing some information students need to know: YOU DON’T HAVE TO APPLY EVERYWHERE.

I have recently started a summer job at an Admissions Department for a university in South Carolina. One thing I’ve learned from this new position is how annoying it is to have a student inquire and apply to the university, but we never hear from them again! These students may be polite enough to reply to emails and phone calls, but a large majority of them are not even interested in coming to our college- they just apply.

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What You Need When Applying For Colleges

When applying for schools, it may be tricky to stop yourself from worrying: “What if I don’t get accepted to my top 2 schools???”┬áSo to keep yourself from having a panic attack you decide to apply to tons of colleges you know hardly anything about!

Why shouldn’t you just apply anyway?

Take it from a previous student who has been in the application process before; it is not worth filling out an application (and even worse paying the application fee) just to make yourself feel better. Also, if you apply to schools where you do not even plan on attending, you will get annoying emails, phone calls, and mail from them constantly and the only way to stop it all is to tell them you want to be WITHDRAWN. By that time though, you’ve already paid an unnecessary fee and wasted someone else’s time.

Here Are 3 Alternatives To Applying For Colleges You Aren’t Super Interested In:

  1. VISIT! So often, students apply for schools they have never even been to before! How crazy is that? What if you don’t like the dorm rooms? What if you don’t like where the school is located? What if the school is in the middle of nowhere? What if the school doesn’t have lawn areas to sit and study on? What if there aren’t any places to get a good cup of coffee? These are questions you can answer just by visiting!
  2. INQUIRE! This is different from applying. Most schools have little cards you can fill out that will give them your name, number, address, and intended major. Schools can send you more information about what they have to offer without charging you to apply.
  3. DO RESEARCH! Still worried about not getting accepted to your top pick college? Don’t worry! You can still find out if you would be accepted to other schools without applying! Browse the schools website to find what their required GPA and test scores are. This will give you a better idea of what the likelihood of you getting accepted will be without paying any kind of fee! Another option is to call the universities admissions department and asking what the requirements are personally.

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