Where to Find & What to Know About Internships!

I’ve written just a while ago about student job opportunities that are available for students right on campus, and now I’d like to follow up with internship opportunities you need to be on the look out for as a college student wanting to gain experience to put on your résumé!

As a college student, you understand by now the demand to have “experience” before you can get the job you want. This common misconception is often pushed too hard because not all majors require you to intern for your degree program. I should also mention that certain careers or jobs likewise do not require you to intern before you can get a certain position.

That being said, you should ask you guidance counselor or fellow students in your major if internships are a requirement for your degree or if they would benefit your future.

Where to Find Internships:

Internships are often available on your college campus. If your campus does not offer any internships that fit your major or interests, try looking for internships in the surrounding local area. Many businesses will offer internships because they are so close to a college campus (your guidance counselor or school career services will be able to assist you with this). If you still are having a hard time finding an internship, visit your schools Career Fair if your school offers one. Visiting Career Fairs allows you to check out multiple companies within a few minutes and talk personally with someone from the company.

Internships Blue Hill Offers For Student [Managers] Positions:

This student run coffee shop located on Southern Wesleyan University’s main campus has four different internships available for their traditional students. Here is a list of the internships:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Accounting Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • & HR Manager

Each position provides real-world experience for the students to learn from. For example, the HR student manager is one of the main members of the hiring committee for the Barista positions at Blue Hill. The HR student manager is also responsible for settling arguments between workers, creating a work schedule for the employees, and enforcing company policies. Other than the HR student manager, the other internships are especially geared to providing experience to the business majors that are studying on campus.

These select internships at Blue Hill are paid positions that require you work a minimum of 10 hours a week. Other internships may not pay, but they normally will require less hours, and still look awesome on a job application or résumé!

Other internships are also available if you are not a business major. These internships may become available quickly so it is important for you to apply once you hear about one you are interested in because the position will likely be filled soon!12687936_873729706078431_2115997676870837231_n

What To Know About Internships:

Before you start searching and applying for internships (on or off campus), here are a few things you should know about them:

  • Internships are geared towards upper level class-men (Juniors and Seniors). This is because employers want workers that have already earned their general education courses and have already had core courses that are specifically related to their major.
  • Internships are not typical student jobs. Internships are designed to help you grow in your career area, so they are their to boost your real-world application of what you have learned in class. Because internships are not normal student jobs, they do not always pay you- keep that in mind.
  • Internships require you dress nice. Many jobs require you to where a uniform or a specific t shirt while you are working, but internships often request that you dress in business attire. When interviewing for the position, you should ask what the dressing guidelines are- this will not only prepare you for the position, but it will also impress those who are considering to hire you.
  • Internships reflect real career jobs. This means the work you will be doing gives you a good idea of what work will look like once you have graduated and are moving into your career. Internships are a good way to test the waters for companies or jobs you are interested in because you can find out if they are somewhere you would happy working for for several years.
  • Internships are popular. Often these positions will open several months in advance before the job starts, so you need to know that many people will be applying for them before you even know about them!


  1. Gain Experience!
  2. Make Connections – Meet People!
  3. Learn More About Your Career.
  4. Get Ahead In Your Career Field.pexels-photo-380769



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