How to Meet Your Minimum Word Count

I cannot tell you how many times I have felt like Kronk from Emperors New Groove in this scene shown below.

As a college student, you have many assignments to work on throughout the week that have scattered due dates. Short essays and papers become a normal part of your life when you are a student. You drink coffee, go to class, hang out with friends,…. and write a paper before midnight…… it becomes like clock work to the average student.

As you may know already, there is usually a minimum word count requirement for papers whether you are in college or high school. For me, being such a wordy person, this is not a hard requirement to fill. However, there are times when professors want you to write on a topic you have no interest in: making it difficult to meet the minimum word count.

As funny as this picture is (and accurate in some cases), it is a bad example of how to fill that minimum word count for your topic.

Here are some quick and easy suggestions for how to meet your word count and impress your professors:

Add a Resource/Quote.

For whatever the topic- there will always be more information to be found via book, journal, article, or newspaper that will give you more material to use. Try not to overload your essay or paper with quotes- professors do not like that- they may assume you were just lazy. One quote is always safe, especially for 1 or 2 paged papers. Don’t forget to cite the quote you use!

Add More Subtopics to Your Topic

Maybe you have already talked about your subject a good bit, but try including some history on it or more people who were involved in your subject. For example, if you are writing about how successful the childrens product Play-Doh is you could also mention the history behind it: it was orginally created to clean wall paper, but then was made in a creativity outlet by a K5 teacher right before the company went bankrupt. You, may also include a side note such as how Play-Doh is still used in classrooms and day cares as a way to entertain and educate.

This blog post is educational, but I mainly just wanted an excuse to post this picture of Kronk- big Emperors New Groove fan.




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