Buying a Home at 21

While searching for a home to have once we are married, my fiance and I have hit several bumps in the road that have made it a longer process. On the bright we have learned so much and feel more financially ready to buy a home than we did at the beginning of this journey. Check this blog out to get information and tips about home buying, loan finding, and credit score creating!


Why I LOVE Going to a Christian College

Statistics are cold, heart less facts that float around in the world- changing every day. My personal experience however is heart felt and filled with meaning. I hope my own thoughts about Christian education help you to understand why going to a Christian is beneficial whether you are a Christian or not.

How to Speak College Admission

It can be intimidating when it comes time to apply for college. One of the hardest things to face is talking to an admissions counselor about your interest in college and how to meet the admissions requirements. Read more on this post if you want to improve on how to talk "college admission."

Be Smart with Your Money in College

If you are in college or entering college, let's just talk about a few things you will without a doubt - encounter on your financial journey: Student Debt & Budgets. So often I meet people at my university who make horrible financial decisions and do not even realize the impact it will have on their... Continue Reading →

Plan For & Decorate Your College Room!!

Getting ready to move in to your new college room? How exciting! Here are some tips are how to spend money to decorate your room and how to put your own touch on your new space! This blog post is specifically helpful for students attending Southern Wesleyan University.

My Experience: Commuting in College

If you clicked the link for this blog, you are probably a commuter in college or a future college student who is trying to decide whether they would like to live on campus or commute everyday. Let me tell that this blog is not going to focus on the statistics of why you should or should not commute, but is just me giving you a taste of what I have experienced as a college commuter.

Absolutely one of my favorite old songs! So much truth and inspiration!

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